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Somnium · Diurnus

The Dream Journal

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I've been having a lot of dreams about New York City lately. Well, it's always called New York, but it never quite looks like any part of New York I've seen. In this dream it was kind of a depression-era New York, "filmed" in the style of Monmarte in Moulin Rouge. Anyway, that's what it looked like, but it took place in the present. We had moved to a scummy little apartment that was awful in every way except that it looked like the exact sort of place a starving artist should be living, so I was all thrilled with the idea. 

Outside the window there was a fire escape that extended past all the windows, so it made a sort of outside hallway that connected a bunch of buildings. Come to think of it, it was shaped exactly like the upper walkway at BCC. A bunch of unsavory people were always hanging around on the walkway, and I got the impression that they were mostly drug dealers and prostitutes. I can't imagine my mom ever voluntarily having us live in a place like that, but for some reason I really liked it. I guess it gave off a sort of Bohemian vibe.

My grandma really wanted to go to this famous church, so we decided to walk there. I said I'd meet up with them in a little while, because I wanted to go through the bazaar. It was a small park with a bunch of stalls that were selling stuff. A lady was handing out random prizes to people who would distribute flyers promoting the new Transformers movie, and I agreed. So I got an Optimus Prime kite! XD That concept cracks me up. So then I left to go to the church.

By this time it was really dark, and the streets were looking more like Prague.  There was this huge stone church, and I had to open these giant double-doors to get inside. The inside wasn't very interesting. It looked more like a local church than a New York/Prague church. But for some reason my great aunt (who died a few years ago) was there, but I didn't get a chance to talk to her. 

Later I found a dock with some kind of teen center at the end of it, and it was really cool. The people who were there were actually really fun, not just coworker/classmate/people-you-like-but-wouldn't-actually-hang-out-with types. I was glad I'd made a bunch of friends so quickly, but soon this guy showed up and tried to drive me off. He turned the crowd against me. I had to use these warp things to escape, but it took forever since they kept chasing me. So I feeling pretty down on the way home. And to top it all off, some jerk mugged me just for my Optimus Prime kite. >< I loved that kite, damn you!!!  

So I was in a really bad mood by that point. I was on the fire escape back to my house, when one of the unsavory guys grabs me and drags me into his apartment. He was this huge, angry looking guy, and he tossed me on the ground, so I was pretty sure I was about to be mugged, raped, and killed in some order or another. But I was in such a bad mood, I didn't care. I just started screaming at him at the top of my lungs about how I thought things were gonna be great in New York but then they were horrible and my friends drove me off and my kite was stolen, and now I'd been kidnapped, and he was just a jerk and if he thought he was gonna get away with whatever he was planning on, then I was just not gonna make it easy for him. 

He looked really shocked, like he wasn't expecting this at all. All of a sudden Nicole popped out from the side room, and then I really went crazy. I started screaming incoherently and kicking around, mostly out of confusion. A few of her roommates came out too and started staring at me like I was crazy. Eventually she explained that she had moved there recently too, and since her dad owned the building, she was pretty much in charge of everything that went on there. The guy who grabbed me apologzed, but it was still really messed up that nobody berated him for assaulting a random girl -- just let me go because I was a friend of a friend. 

The people living with Nicole were all artists and were actually really cool, even the guy who attacked me. Apparently he had a mental disorder a little similar to the guy from Of Mice and Men, and pretty much just wanted to drag me around like a doll or something. Still not a comforting thought, but better than knowing I was living next door to a rapist. I was feeling much better then, because Nicole told me she'd make it clear that no one in the building was to mess with me or my family. Also they had an art group that met a few days a week, and I should join.

It was all kinda surreal, and when I woke up I felt really funky.  
* * *
Long Green Snake

There was much more to this dream than I can remember, but it was split into sections, each section had a different setting. I only really remember one section, so I will transcribe that one. It was very dark out, as if it were night and there were almost no street lights, only a very few pale yellow ones. There was a two story wooden house with very empty, dirty, and desolate bedrooms. And even though it was dark, I think it was sometimes around midday.

The backyard was hilly and slightly overgrown with a bunch of old junk in it (broken down cars, hunks of unidentifiable metal). I was walking across the backyard with Joey, only we were younger and we were black. We were complaining that our parents were going to make us do our homework instead of letting us play. We reached the house and climbed a rotting ladder/staircase onto a rotting wooden porch. We then went through the open entrance where I guess there should have been a screen door and lay down on the floor to work on our homework. There was very little to no furniture in the room, and no light at all, but it didn’t seem to bother us.

After a few minutes, I started hearing a clicking kind of rattling sound, and then Joey made a noise, so I looked over, and he was staring at the ceiling with shock and terror. I asked what it was and looked up, trying to find what he was looking at, but I couldn’t see very well. It was probably a mixture of the fact that it was dark and suddenly I seemed to be seeing like I see without my glasses (which is well enough not to bump into walls or people but not well enough to distinguish any sort of detail on anything. Without my glasses on I frequently think shadows are lamps or chairs are people or spots are roaches or dark colored debris is a cat. Yes, I actually once woke up in the middle of the night and thought my cat was in my room and started talking to him and when I put my glasses on it turned out to be a shirt on my floor…oops).

Anyway, I was squinting and I got up and came over to where he was and I saw a long, thin, bright green strip on the wall across the ceiling. He said, “It’s a snake…it’s the longest snake I have ever seen…” But I didn’t believe him because I couldn’t make out the detail on it. Then, it started to move, to slither a little, and my sight came back to me and I saw that it was a snake. I followed it’s body along the wall and it seemed to be coming from nowhere. Anyway, it started to encircle the room, never endingly. By the time its tail end appeared it must have been over 50ft long.

We got up and backed slowly towards the patio to get out of the room, but I decided that it was a better idea for us to try and kill it than to run from it. As soon as I thought that, it seemed to start slowly slithering right towards us, like it knew my intent and was challenging me. Joey called out for our Dad and he started coming across the backyard, but before he got there, the snake lunged at me, through the air. I caught it about 5 inches down it’s body and it started hissing at me and wriggling to get free. It was surprisingly thin and weak for such a long snake, it’s body was only about 2 inches in diameter. I tried to kill it, but I couldn’t. Finally, I tossed it out across the screen, but its tail hooked onto the railing and it came back. My dad came up there and joined us.

I don’t remember how it happened exactly, but we finally killed it by impaling it or slicing it with a sharp metal object. It happened on the porch, and I remember watching the long, boneless body slide and wriggle lifelessly, almost in slow motion, as it fell through the air towards the ground. I felt mostly relief on the surface that it had been killed, but underneath I had a tiny flame of regret that we had killed such a beautiful animal, I remember feeling (not thinking, feeling) that it was an “extraordinary creature”.

After that we were all in the backyard and I was being punished for something. I think I was being punished for my rash thinking and attempt at bravery. Anyway, my mom, my dad, and my grandma all sat in a triangle in chairs. They had all shoved latex gloves into their mouths and had the fingers hanging out. There was something on my head, like a balloon or something, and what I had to do was walk around the triangles perimeter with my hands tied behind my back and come up to each one of them and grab a glove out of their mouth with my teeth. The idea was that I had to concentrate on doing this because it was difficult to grab the glove without like, making out with them in the process. So, while I was concentrating, they might reach up and pop the balloon, or they might not. It was kind of like Duck Duck Goose! or Russian Roulette.

That’s all I remember…
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So, I had a few dreams last night. Most were unpleasant, but one I will actually classify as a nightmare. :-/ In the first one, it was a typical stress dream, and I was running around a store and trying to serve a bunch of customers, and then there was a problem with my paycheck and stuff. It was annoying, but not terrifying.

The second one started out pleasant enough. I had gone back to Ireland, only it wasn’t really Ireland, it was the states. But there was a place that looked just like it, like with the school and Kilmurry Village and all. Anyway, the house was across the way though, so everything was reflected, and I was in the room facing the courtyard instead of the woods. So, I picked up my cell phone, and it was my old cell phone (I recently got a new one), and I texted Molly. We were having this huge conversation, and texting was really hard, and I kept hitting the wrong keys and it was taking me a long time to type things. Finally, I was like, “Why are we texting? Couldn’t we be IMing? Or for that matter, couldn’t we just talk on the phone?” And then she walked into the room and I was like, “What the hell! Why are we texting if you were in the next room???” But throughout the texting conversation, I kept falling into the phone. It was weird, but I would be sucked into the phone along with the message I texted, and go through this fiery, red, electronic thing, soaring through cables and satellite signals or something, I don’t even know, then suddenly I’d be back where I started.

After that, that’s when the stalking happens.

So, then, Joey comes by to pick me up, once again in a blue van. We go somewhere, and then I come back. There is this guy who I apparently know, and he is really creepy and unsavory looking in general…like, he’s too clean, and very prissy and too well groomed, ya’ know? Like a frat boy. Anyway, he is apparently obsessed with me in a dangerous way, and when I go upstairs to my room (which is now on the other side of the house BTW), he is sitting on the ledge of the window, and he has painted his skin an iridescent rainbow swirl pattern that almost seems to move when you look at it. He is also wearing a rainbow wig, and he has this hungry look in his eyes, which he never shuts (not even to blink) and never takes off of me. He keeps calling me on my cell phone, because I am so creeped out I leave the room. And when he knows I am in the upstairs hallway or in someone else’s room, he talks to me through the window and won’t shut up no matter how much I ignore him or beg him to leave me alone. And the worst part is that I feel like he is somehow watching me no matter where I am. Like he has some sort of mystical powers that he is using to stalk me more efficiently. I keep trying to hide in the kitchen and stuff, and I keep ducking behind boxes (everyone had moved out, I was the only one left, yet there were boxes everywhere) because I felt like I had to hide, but it was useless.

I snuck downstairs while he was taunting me and stuff, and just as I heard him break the window to come inside, I ran like hell outside. I ran to the building behind mine and some girl asked me if I could help her out with something, changing a light bulb or something. I said I would if she helped me hide from this guy, even though I was sure it was futile. The guy came around the back looking for me, doing these crazy mystical teleportation things and bending space and time to his advantage. I was crawling around on my hands and knees through this maze like stairwell with a whole ton of gray-blue stairs at all crazy angles and stuff, and the guy found me. He was no longer painted rainbow. I started threatening to call the police and crying and begging him to leave me alone, but he was doing that crazy stalker talk (“I know you really love me” “Don’t run from our relationship” “We’re meant for each other” etc.) Then he attacked me, I guess trying to force himself on me or something.

Then, somehow, I ended up with Joey, and we were going to the beach to meet Daddy, Johnny, and a bunch of other guys, possibly family or friends of Daddy’s or something. It was a thundering, pouring rainstorm, and there was a pirate ship in the water, and they were playing on it, swinging from lines and stuff. They were done for the day by the time we got there but we decided we could come back tomorrow. This last part was so cool it started to erase the creepiness of that stalker dream, but it only lasted a few minutes so I was still oober freaked when I woke up. ::shudders::
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I keep having dreams in the style of the movie Groundhog Day.

In one, Paul and I were in this really huge, shiny castle that looked like something out of a Disney movie. We annoyed the castle wizard somehow, so he was determined to split us up. He shifted reality so that I was going to be married off to some foreign prince, and Paul was a criminal who was going to be executed, and neither of us remembered each other. But I still didn't want to be married off and he still didn't want to be executed, so we both hatched plans to get free. Later we met each other again (we thought for the first time) and decided to combine the plans. Anyway, as soon as the plans succeeded, we would remember who we were again. But the wizard didn't want that, so we'd be back where we started and forget each other again, but remember that we were in a loop. And this time there would be a new thing added to the world that prevented our old plans from happening or tried to trick us into repeating old ones that were now traps. So each time we had to invent new plans.

This looped indefinately.

In the next one, I was in some kind of construction site over the ocean. I don't remember exactly what my goal was, but I had some riddle I was trying to figure out, and a Japanese girl was helping me. The place would explode unless we figured it out. We had one minute left and weren't getting anywhere, so the girl set up a spell. As the place exploded, we dove into the fire and came out in a little garden behind the girl's house. The spell only lasted one minute, but it was a looping spell. She gave the paper to her father and said that every year on this day he had to return to this spot with a possible answer to the riddle. We flickered away, and were back in the warehouse again. We tried the riddle for another minute, but eventually the place exploded and we dove into the fire again. In the garden a year had passed, and the girl's father suggested an answer to the riddle. We would flicker back and try it, but it never worked and we always returned.

This looped indefinately too, but it was freaky because we were always the same, but every time we returned to the garden it was slightly different and her father was a year older.
* * *
Another signiture wacky dream of mine. Kinda long, but thoroughly insane. Gotta love it! ^_^

I was in a swampy, lake filled area with my mom and some other woman. The three of us were pouring over this book. It was hardcover and had a picture of a lighthouse at sun set on it, mostly yellow. It was called Minds Eye Magic or something, and I remember thinking, “Isn’t that the name of some Magic Eye book or something very similar?” But this was a book that was ACTUALLY about magic. So, I was studying it.

We were there in that area, swimming through and sometimes boating through the water, and me and my mom had to go through these nature trials. Some kind of animal was supposed to attack us and we had to drive it off, and it had some sort of significance to our powers.

We surfaced at an arcade that was on the grass by the edge of the water, andwe played some games for a while. I was playing with a claw machine, and suddenly my Dad was there. I was trying to get something, and he said it didn’t seem possible because it was at the edge of the machine. I said I was going to try anyway.

Before I found out if I got it, I was back swimming in the lake with my Mom and that lady. My Mom had just under gone her nature type trial thing and I had a feeling I was next. I climbed out of the water and onto a small, grassy slope in the middle of the water and was talking to them. Suddenly, I saw what looked like a white and black striped tiger, but what I called and seriously believed was a panther. It was at the bottom of the water, right under my mom.

I didn’t want to alarm her, so I decided not to say anything unless it started to rise to the surface. But I dropped a hint. I think she said something about how her trial was hard, so I said, “Yes, but at least it was only a *insert animal* and not a panther…”

Finally, she swam over wher eit was and around a bend, but I was still on the grassy slope. Then, the “panther” started to rise to the surface. Just as it surfaced, I blacked out. When I came to, I saw that it wasn’t a panther at all, but it was a spider with the black and white markings on its back. It was very full of my blood and was making a web across my arms and fingers. I seemed paralyzed, unable to move. I was stripped naked and I think I was also floating above the small island.

I tried to communicate with it in my mind, and it answered me by writing it’s responses in the web that was slowly encompassing more and more of my body. Finally, I managed to twitch a finger, and it broke apart the web a little. I realized how fragile it was and forced myself to move around until it had been destroyed. I stood up, feet now on the ground, and looked down at the tiny spider. I contemplated killing it, but something told me not to, so I just nodded and it went away.

No one was around, but there seemed to be voices in the air whispering things. I looked down and saw that I had grown several sparsely placed diagonal stripes of black hair across my body. I felt like my eyes were different too, but I couldn’t see. Something inside me told me it was time to leave, so I took several steps towards the edge of the water, but when I stepped off the island, I was at the shopping center near where Melissa lived (with the Wal Mart and Quiznos and Radio Shack).

It was dark and kind of dreary outside, and the whole world seemed empty to me for a second. Then, I would see a group of people walk by, usually my friends, and the world would seem ludicrously loud and full. But they didn’t see me, they just walked by and then shimmered into shadow, as if they were only figments of my imagination.

Finally, I saw a blue van drive by, and I thought it was also a glamour, but it pulled up to where I was and stopped. My brother rolled down a window and asked if I wanted a ride. I nodded and crawled into the front seat. We drove off and onto Atlantic Blvd., towards the mall because he was going to work. I said I was going to go and use his shower, so I climbed into the back and there was an entire shower back there. I pulled up a chair and grabbed the shower hose and started to wash myself off. I looked down at the black stripes of hair again and wondered, What am I…?

After I had showered, Joey said, “My conductors uniform is in the closet. You can borrow the pants, but be careful, I just had them dry cleaned,”

Suddenly there was a closet in the shower, and there were a few pairs of pants. I didn’t want to mess up his work pants because he was going to need them, but there was a pair of cut off boys shorts in a navy green. I looked at them, but decided they were too big and would be useless for me to wear, so I stayed naked. We got to the mall, and Joey let me off at the entrance, but when I stepped outside, I was back at the plaza I had just left.

I looked around for a moment, and Joeys car disappeared. Things seemed more solid this time, and suddenly, Tracy was behind me. She said, “Mary! I haven’t seen you in a long time! Where have you been?”

I turned around and looked at her for several seconds before replying, “I have been on a training mission in the swamps,”

She just nodded as if she hadn’t really been paying attention but had acknowledged that I had spoken. I gave her a funny look because there wasn’t anything around to distract her. Then, we started walking and we ended up at McDonalds. She ordered some food, a happy meal I believe, and when she took out the “toy” it was actually a book titled Minds Eye Magic. Only, it didn’t have a lighthouse on it, it has a Magic Eye puzzle on the front. I snatched it and started desperately looking through it, but it wasn’t magical at all, it was just a Magic Eye book. I started explaining where I had been and about the book and how I had been endowed with power, but I felt like I was crazy because the book wasn’t what it was supposed to be.

“Maybe it is a different version?” I suggested, “Or maybe there are two books with the same title. A glitch in the system or something,” I pulled out a laptop from thin air and started surfing the web to find the lighthouse book, but I couldn’t. Tracy looked at me concernedly, as if she thought I had gone kinda crazy or maybe she was just confused because I wasn’t making much sense.

She finished eating and suggested we take the bus. I don’t know where, she just suggested we go and take the bus. So, we waited at the bus stop, and it got really stormy and gray. The bus arrived and I stepped on. Tracy was gone, but my mother and that lady were back. The driver smiled at me, but I distinctly remember knowing he wasn’t real. I looked outside at the strange, unreal area that I had come to call my home and that no longer looked very comforting or familiar, then I went and sat down in a seat and we drove off.

Woah, no?

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I was in this really beautiful, clear, serene wood. It would have been really quiet, except there were crowd of people there all cheering and watching fights. The fights were between some otherworldly creatures that were much bigger than them. I was one of the fighters, and I was me, only I was all red and black and built like a fighter and much bigger. I was fighting something, and eventually I won. I shrunk back down to normal size and walked across this large, clear open pathway.

I met up with several people I knew, but I didn’t recognize them in real life. One of the women was talking to me, and then suddenly, a blue truck came by. It was built like a van (like my Dads old Yellow Van, except it was blue,) only it was a smaller size. As in it was big enough to fit a person, but it was extremely squished so it looked like they were riding in a kids toy. The back part of it, where stuff was usually stored, had no roof, just the sharp edges of the really thin tin walls. The steering wheel was in the right side (The UK side), and that woman I was talking to got into the van and started to drive away.

I called out to her to wait, but she kept driving, so I ran and jumped onto the side of the van and held on to where the window should be. I tried to open the passenger door while she was driving but there was no handle, so I climbed into the back of the van and curled my legs up so I could fit. We drove along the wood and it was some really beautiful scenery. It was a cool, clear, crisp day. The trees were the perfect shade of green and the grass was lawn cut. There were birds making tiny chirping sounds, and there was a slight breeze. Everything was perfect.

Anyway, we drive through patches of bush and up and down hills and curves. Then, we came to the top of a hill that went straight down, and at the bottom was a small, clear stream and a stone bridge. The woman stopped the car and turned around and said, “Are you ready?” I nodded, and she went down the hill.

It was really fast and it felt like we were going to crash, but it was also fun. We skidded to a halt at the bottom, and the woman and I got out of the van, which was now on its side. The woman disappeared under the bridge and I went to follow her. But I stopped because I saw that the water was coming up high and I didn’t want to get my shoes wet. The woman just sloshed through with her shoes, but I wanted to feel the water on my feet. I stopped and pulled off my black boots without even stopping to untie them. Then, I pulled off my white socks and crunched them into balls and put them into my boots. I took a few steps and saw a pair of black and pink sneakers with socks next to them sitting on a ledge under the bridge. I wondered if that meant someone else was there.

Then, I saw that the bottoms of my pants were going to get wet if I walked through the water, so I rolled them up sloppily and carelessly, only caring that they didn’t get wet. But my pants were weird. They were large and baggy, but they were made out of the material of my rainbow heart blanket, and they looked like I had just turned the blanket into a pair of pants. Well, after they were rolled up, I waded through the water and towards the other side of the bridge. Once I emerged, there was a small hill to climb up, and I saw the woman there. She held her fingers to her lips to tell me to be quiet, and above the bridge we heard a group of people.

Once we thought they had passed, we climbed the hill and took refuge in a very new looking building that was dark inside with the sunlight shining blue on the walls. It was very out of place in the otherwise natural wood, but it didn’t seem to bother us. But, before we got into the building, we saw that the people were a walking club, and that made us very uneasy. We were in the building and decided to wait it out in there until the group went away, but instead, the leader, a tall, muscular man, came inside and found us.

He started talking to us and told us about his walking group and how he gets a bunch of people to travel together as a group and make friends and enjoy nature and stuff. The idea sounded really appealing to me because I thought I could make some new friends and have fun, but a part of me seemed to think there was something morally wrong about the idea, like it was on the same level as sex and drugs and drinking and lying. Then I woke up.
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* * *

I was hanging out in a room with Shaina. It looked a lot like my bedroom only it was flipped. Scott was on the couch, and I was lying on the bed with Shaina. We seemed to be completely ignoring him, and we were just laughing and watching movies and joking around. I told her I was going to give her flowers, then I rolled off the bed and headed towards the back of the room by the head of the bed. Instead of there being a wall there, there was a field of flowers. It was small, only about 6ft deep and about 20 ft long curving around my room behind my couch. I went to go pick some flowers, and there were three different colors, all Lilies (Calla Lilies to be specific). From left to right it was white, then yellow, then red.

I walked into the white patch to pick some, and Shaina said I should just buy some from the store because I was going to get hurt, but I said I could handle it. The flowers were all the same height, but they came up to different places on me once I got into them. The white ones were only knee high and relatively easy to navigate through. I walked through picking three small stalks of white ones.

Then, I walked through the flowers and into the yellow ones. But, for some reason, they were really tall and came way above my head. The whole patch was tangled and thorny and filled with bees, and I kept getting scratched and hurt and was afraid of getting stung. I got most of the yellows that I needed, but I couldn’t get them all, I was getting hurt too badly. I crawled out of the flowers and emerged at the edge of the yellow lilies.

Shaina said something about how wild flowers may be prettier, but they are more dangerous than store bought ones. I looked over at the red ones, and I was sort of afraid…more like wary. They, by all accounts, looked innocent and easy enough, but I just knew that they were going to be even worse than the yellow. So, I gave up, then my dream changed but I can’t remember what to, then finally I woke up.

So obviously symbolic...what do you think?

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* * *
I was at a school on the beach, and I was someone important, like the class president. A friend of mine was trying to get people to sign up for sports clubs, and she was waving a large stuffed alligator in the air to attract everyone’s attention. I came up and said, “You will never attract a crowd like that,” and took the stuffed alligator and instead gave her a large stuffed snake. As soon as she held it in the air, people started conglomerating around her. The crowd got huge and people kept coming. We determined that there needed to be some sort of sign up sheets, so we left her there and I headed off towards the stores.

I was with Lierin and Tracy, and we were on A1A with the beach behind us (where the people were) and the stores ahead of us. We had a discussion about what we needed, and we all agreed that we needed to get some pads of paper and pens to organize which sports everyone wanted to sign up for. Then, we started trying to figure out where to get the stuff for the best price. I said that we should go to the Walgreens which was sure to be cheap and was literally about 50ft away from where we were, but Lierin and Tracy both insisted on going to some strange store whose name I can’t remember that was about a block and a half away. I was getting so annoyed because their idea was clearly worse than mine, but they wouldn’t listen to me. Finally, they started ignoring my arguments and just started walking, clearly thinking I’d just follow. But I thought, Well, screw that! I am not going to just do what other people want me to when I know I have a better idea. Besides, if I go to Walgreens, I will be back on the beach with the supplies ages before them, so then we’ll see whose idea’s better! So, I walked the short walk to the Walgreens and went inside.

It didn’t look like a normal Walgreens, there was much more (and much cooler) stuff, and it was darker and didn’t have that hospital white feeling. I walked through the store thinking, There is such cool stuff here! But no time to look now, I live around here so I can come back and browse some other time…I made my way over to the stationary, and found a couple different types of white legal pads (as in the pages flip upwards) I spent some time examining them to see which was the better price and the better build (I decided on the one that cost $1.20 and had 120 pages. There was a cheaper one that said it had more pages, somewhere around 2,000, but it was clearly less thick than the one I picked up)

I went over to the checkout, and the guy was having a problem ringing it up, and he asked another worker for help. The guy at the checkout was clearly the owner, and the other guy was clearly his son or something, but the son seemed to know more about the store. He came over to the stationary place with me to find the price explaining that they had just redone their checkout system, and I joked with him about what a pain it had to be, and he was saying how it was supposed to make it easier but had so far caused nothing but trouble. We found an old one with a sticker, and it said 10cents. So, I bought the packs, and decided I had enough pens in my purse. Then I left and then I woke up.
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So, last night I had a strange dream. I was in a large building, it was very futuristic. Some woman was bringing me into an elevator and up to the top floor of the building. She brought me into a room I seemed to have known well. There was some random guy there, a personal assistant of hers, I think.

Anyway, she went over to the counter and opened a drawer. She drew out a spoon and held it up for me to see. She explained that the spoon was more than it seemed. It was actually a highly complex weapon of the government that had the power to destroy the entire Universe. They had put it in spoon form and given it to her for safe keeping because, well, the last place terrorists would look for a weapon of mass destruction is in a cutlery drawer.

I nodded and told her I couldn’t believe she would trust me with this information, wasn’t it supposed to be top secret? She shrugged and said, “I’ll probably just flashy thing you later,” and instead of being offended or like, “No! Don’t do that!”, all I could think was, “Holy shit! MIB is REAL!?!? Awesome!”

After that, I was in another room, and Tracy was there with me. The entire room was completely filled with babies. Like, there had to be at least a hundred babies there. The same woman from before came in and kind of scolded me for not caring about the babies. I told her I didn’t like babies. I then went over to an area of the room and Tracy and I started taking care of some flowers. I explained that I preferred gardening and gave her a bunch of reasons as to why gardening was better than babies.

And I woke up. Oddness.
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This started as a newscast where some guy was talking to a woman in a small town. The town was apparently about 10miles from the nearest hospital and no one had any cars, and the woman was pregnant, and they were asking her what she was planning on doing when she went into labor. She said she applied to the hospital to stay for a few nights, but they hadn’t gotten back to her yet.

Then, it became real life, and it was nighttime and the woman was running down the highway. She’d run for about 20ft then stop and moan. She had gone into labor and was trying to get to the hospital. She did this for nearly three miles before she saw a cab. She got inside and the cab drove her the rest of the way.

At this point, the woman disappears, and I am there, standing at the edge of the hospital. I take a few steps towards the edge of a hill (the hospital parking lot begins at the bottom), I step too far and fall off. I tumble down the grassy slope and land at the feet of my dad and my tin whistle teacher who are both standing near the edge and talking about “the festival”. I look at them in confusion and wonder where there’s a festival, then I see that the entire parking lot of the hospital is this one big musical festival. There are loads of rides and booths and stuff and it is all related to music.

Anyway, I start walking through the festival and towards the hospital when my cell phone rings. I answer it and it is Ricardo. He tells me he’s been in labor for a while now and that he is getting pretty big. I don’t seem surprised by the fact that Ricardo is pregnant and seem to understand that last part. See, in the dream, apparently pregnancy works a little differently. Labor takes really long, like 1-2 days, because the baby doesn’t develop until it is trying to be born, so the pregnant person doesn’t get the big pregnant stomach fully until they are in labor.

Anyway, I keep going through the parking lot and towards the hospital, I go inside and sit down at a computer. A photo site is up, and I see several links for pictures of someone’s house. I think it is my mom’s photo site, so I move on. I come to another computer and do the same thing. Then I do it again, but this time I realize it is not my moms photo site, it is Ricardo’s, so I sit down like, “What? How did I miss that?” and start clicking the links. I realize that yes, it IS in fact Ricardo’s photo site with pictures of his house, so I get up and keep walking.

I come into a room and Ricardo is in a bed looking extremely pregnant. We have a strange conversation that doesn’t make any sense, but I think it may have been about how he managed to get there, and I get the feeling he either WAS the running pregnant lady or had the same problem as her or something.

Then I woke up. O.o It is very hard to talk to your friends, your GUY friends, after you have a dream that they are pregnant…ya know? O.o

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